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KLF Success Story: "Outside the Box Approach" Leads to Win

We were recently retained by a large multinational energy corporation to assist in obtaining US work visa renewals for a group of employees. The company was strapped for time and needed the employees in the US within just a few weeks to meet contractual obligations. Failure to meet the contractual obligations would have had a negative impact on the US energy supply.

The standard approach to the situation would have meant processing times of at least several months. We came up with an “outside the box” strategy through careful analysis of the regulations that enabled us to have the petitions processed on the spot at the border even though L-1 work visa renewals cannot normally be processed this way.

We prepared the petitions quickly but carefully, made strong legal arguments, contacted officials at the port of entry (POE) to see what we could do to help make their job easier when it came to adjudicating the petitions, and secured a significant win for our client.

Senior Paralegal Jonathan Hammond was instrumental in this effort. Kudos, Jonathan!

Did You Know?

An intermittent L1 visa is a useful tool for US companies to extend L1 employment indefinitely, provided their US employment is consistent with the requirements for L executives, managers, or specialized knowledge employees. An exemption to the L’s 5/7 year limitation is available to those whose L status is seasonal, intermittent, consists of an aggregate of less than 180 days per year, or involves part time employment through regular commuting from a residence abroad.

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