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Klug Law Firm: 2023, A Year of Growth and Success

Klug Law Firm, 2023, year in review


The year 2023 has been a year of significant achievements and growth for Klug Law Firm. With a commitment to the highest standards of legal work, exceptional client service, and a caring approach, the firm has not only welcomed new team members but has also expanded its presence with a new office in Houston, Texas, in addition to our New York and Atlanta offices. Klug Law Firm has been honored with recognition from prestigious legal rankings, reflecting the dedication and excellence exhibited by its team.

New Team Members and Professionalism:

This year, Klug Law Firm proudly welcomed new paralegals to our team, Brian, Mateo, Rachael, and a new legal assistant, Eliana. We also welcomed a new attorney, David Jung, a Senior Associate professional with over 10 years of experience. His expertise has added a layer of union and professionalism to the firm's practice, contributing to its ongoing success. Klug Law Firm values the diverse skills and experience that each team member brings, fostering a collaborative environment that enables them to achieve the best results for their clients.

Expanding Presence:

In addition to the existing offices in New York and Atlanta, Klug Law Firm has expanded its reach by establishing a new office in Houston, Texas. This expansion reflects the firm's commitment to serving clients across the globe by including team members in various cities within the United States. The strategic move aligns with the firm's mission to provide top-notch legal services across different regions.

Recognition by Chambers and Partners:

Klug Law Firm's dedication to excellence has been acknowledged by Chambers and Partners, a renowned ranking “authority” in the legal field. The firm's inclusion in the USA Regional Spotlight 2024 is a testament to its commitment to the highest quality legal work, exceptional client service, and a caring approach. This recognition further solidifies Klug Law Firm's position as a leader in the business legal industry.

Client Trust and Global Reach:

Klug Law Firm would like to extend gratitude to its clients from around the world who have placed their trust in the firm throughout the year. The global client base is a testament to the firm’s ability to provide effective legal solutions, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Klug Law Firm team remains dedicated to delivering results that exceed client expectations.

Noteworthy Achievements:

One of the firm's senior attorneys, Cheryl Geiser, has achieved distinction by joining the board of MARC. This recognition highlights her desire to align more closely with the global mobility community in Atlanta and around the world.  Additionally, the Managing Shareholder, Noah Klug, has been quoted by Forbes, showcasing the firm's thought leadership and influence in legal and business communities.


As Klug Law Firm continues to grow, expand, and receive recognition for its accomplishments, the firm remains committed to making the space of business immigration smart, clever, and wise. The dedication to the three principal pillars—highest quality legal work, exceptional client service, and a caring approach—ensures that Klug Law Firm will continue to thrive and provide outstanding legal services in the years to come.

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