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Adam Shpolyansky 
Business Immigration Paralegal

Adam Shpolyansky is a Business Immigration Paralegal at Klug Law Firm. He has more than five years of legal experience with more than three of those years as a Business Immigration Paralegal. Adam has worked with thousands of foreign nationals holding various statuses, such as F-1, L-1, H-1, E, TN, Asylee, DACA and Dreamer, and Dependent, or looking to come to the United States for the very first time. Adam enjoys helping people understand and navigate the complicated and evolving world of U.S. Immigration as it both relates to non-immigrant and immigrant visa types. Adam has first-hand experience with immigration himself as he came to the United States a refugee from Ukraine. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, where he graduated with honors and was recipient of the "Phoebe" writing award in the fall of 2014. At Wayne State University, he was involved in the traveling Rugby Club.

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